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Download Call of Duty Mobile: new COD shooter game


Call Of Duty Mobile (COD) is a copy of the Call Of Duty line from Activision Publishing Inc. , in partnership with Tencent Games, all set to launch the Mobile Version of the game. And the game will be released for free Android and IOS.

Call of Duty is a mobile game franchise from the famous Call of Duty series on PC. This is the latest product of Tencent – one of the leading game development companies in the world. And it’s just as HOT as CF Mobile game.

Activision and Tencent are working together to create a completely new mobile game “Call of Duty Mobile APK” for the Chinese market, and this will be a super-shooter game in 2019 and the upcoming may be released by Garena.

After a long time of limited testing in some regions, the global version of the game has also been officially released. The game is currently available on Android and iOS for free download. However, there are a few in-game transactions that you need to pay with real money.

Warehouse interface in Call of Duty Mobile (image: OBB APKPure)

Configure your phone to play this game?

Currently, Call Of Duty Mobile is only optimized for high-end devices (> Snapdragon 660 SoC). Although, Activision Publishing Inc . and Tencent Gaming are working together to make this Game optimized for All phones as soon as possible.

After a successful launch, the Call of Duty Mobile game will be available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Instructions to download the International version of Garena Phone

  • If using iOS, please change the area of ​​the Appstore to Taiwan and then click on the link above and then install it
  • If using Android, just download the new Garena above and install it to play smoothly.

How to download Call of Duty Mobile APK China / China

In addition to the English version, also known as International, the CODM game also has an official version from China, and it has also been developed by Tencent.

And this version has now been opened, but there are still many limitations. And only available on Android only.

  1. Please go to this homepage and register to participate: https://codm.qq.com/
  2. You need to log in with your QQ or WeChat account (if not, you can find google how to register “and should use WeChat”)
  3. After successful login, you can download the APK version of the game
  4. And finally, install it on your phone and log in with your WeChat, QQ account to play.

How to download COD on Tencent PC / Computer simulator

  1. First, download the Gameloop emulator, also known as Tencent Gaming Buddy, and install it on your computer
  2. Next, open it up, then open the Game Center section, find Game of Duty and then click> select Install offline.
  3. Now download the GateVPN software to fake IP to play
  4. Once the game is installed, click Open to open and play and every time you play, you have to turn on the VPN. When it opens your country’s IP will it be playable? Or you can download Garena Taiwan (Taiwan) version. But there are lots of devices that fail.

What’s the HOT of Garena Call of Duty Mobile shooter HOT?

This new shooter will be distributed for free and it will collect a collection of favorite “Call of Duty” characters, maps, modes and weapons from around the fierce battlefield, Activision. said.

Timi Studio Group is developing it. The studio was probably famous for many popular multiplayer games “Arena of Valor”, CF Mobile or PUBG Mobile.

Playing games on mobile devices has become so popular, but there is one famous game that still doesn’t have a mobile version, but now your favorite Call of Duty game is available in the beta version for mobile.

The Android version of Call of Duty Beta is named Call Of Duty Mobile MOD. Activision Company in collaboration with Tencent Games has released beta versions of Call of Duty Android.

The latest feature of the first-person shooters on Android is this Call of Duty Mobile, which combines the best maps, characters, weapons, and equipment from the Call of Duty PC universe.

In addition, it will also go with the zombie mode, it is even in multiplayer mode. So you can fight against humans or bots depending on the mode you choose.

Some modes include Free4All, Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy and Frontline. Players can also choose to buy Call of Duty characters. Moreover, it includes maps like Natuown, Killhouse, Crossfire, Hijacked, crash and Standoff.

Like in PUBG Mobile, it even allows players to customize characters and weapons using all in-game currencies.

Play of CODM on mobile phones

In terms of gameplay, Call of Duty APK retains features that make this Series a success on PC. This is a traditional FPS game and fierce battles between teams take place in real-time.

In the game, players can move freely, coordinate with teammates and shoot down all opponents on a large map. Call of Duty Mobi also brings a huge system of weapons and many different classes of soldiers for players to choose.

You may also encounter familiar maps in Call of Duty Series PCs like Naptown, Hijacked or Killhouse. Of course, they are just a few popular maps in the game. There are many other interesting maps for you to explore and experience.

Currently, there are 2 game modes including Multiplayer and Zombie. In the Multiplayer game mode, you can choose to fight alone or with a group of 5 people. Battles take place in real-time with time limits.

At the end of the match, the team with the most points wins. Zombies Mode is the craziest game mode in the game when you will face lots of Zombies. They attacked from all sides. You need to destroy all of them before they reach you.

Download Call of Duty APK now to team up with friends (image: APPVN)

Download Call of Duty APK now to team up with friends (Image: APPVN)

  • A new style of play:  Call Of Duty is famous for great games and graphics. All Call Of Duty Franchises this time will be changed in the game for the Company. And now, it will appear on Android. The Unique Battle Royale experience for this game will be the same.
  • PvP Mode: Well, you won’t have to play Offline like you used to in the 90s. Activision Publishing Inc., along with Tencent, is working for PvP Online modes like other Battle Royale games. That means this game will have a survival mode
  • Play and receive gifts:  While playing, you will earn many different rewards
  • The game competes with differences:  You will be able to create clans and be able to fight (war) with others. Winning a fight will increase your XP and Points and will help you achieve global Rankings.
  • Optimized for all mobile phones:  Developers are trying to optimize the game as much as possible to provide users with a Free Experience. In recent times, most Games are not optimized for the latest CPUs.

List of perks (Peak) for many players

Perk is a unique feature for the character such as blocking his feet, Increasing HP recovery, Increasing Sprinting speed and more.

There are a total of 18 perks and are divided into 3 categories: “Red, Green, Blue“. Each Perk can be purchased to a certain extent.

You can equip 3 Perks at the same time. Perk Slots will unlock at levels 4, 6 and 12.

  1. Fast Recover
  2. Persistence
  3. Light Weight
  4. Agile
  5. Flak Jacket
  6. Skulker
  7. Vulture
  8. Toughness
  9. Tracker
  10. Cold Blooded
  11. Hard Wired
  12. Ghost
  13. Hardline
  14. Demo Expert
  15. Dead Silence
  16. Engineer
  17. Tactical Mask
  18. Alert

Install, customize Loadout

Loadout is important in Call of Duty Mobile. It allows you to prepare perks, weapons, grenades and skills before joining a match.

A full loadout includes:

  1. Primary weapon
  2. Secondary weapon
  3. Executive skills
  4. 2 grenades
  5. 3 perks (Perk)
  6. Character

You will receive 2 weapons refills after completing the game instructions.

How to arrange the Loadout

Touch the Loadout section at the bottom of the screen, the left is for both primary and secondary weapons and the other is to select characters, skills, grenades, and perks.

How many Loadout. Many Loadout will give you many choices of playing style in a match. And the maximum is 5 Loadout

However, you will need to reach a certain level to unlock each download.

This table shows the required level:

Loadout #Level

Having 5 times Loadout does not mean that you can only change weapons but the privileges, grenades, and characters can also change.

Great features on Tencent’s COD Mobile

  • 1 / Multiplayer mode

Gamers can play PvP matches with 10 players divided into two teams and play one of two different modes – Team Deathmatch and Frontline. In Zombie Mode: Like Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies, you can play alone or collaborate to fight corpses.

  • 2 / Collect characters and weapons 

You will meet, collect and control most familiar characters in the universe Call of Duty OBB. In the game, the hero classes are inspired by 2 PC versions called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

In each battle, you must collect perk, weapons, skill points and equipment from Supply Drops. Besides, you must practice shooting skills to become the strongest soldier on the battlefield.

  • 3 / Intuitive control mechanism on the touch screen

The control system in the game is quite similar to other FPS Mobile games. In it, you can use the left keys to navigate the character and the opposite side to aim and shoot. 

Double-tap on the area to the right to target. In addition to the two main weapons, guns, you can equip a number of by-products such as grenades and Stun grenades. 

Overall, if you are a fan of FPS mobile games, you can easily master this control. 

For newbies, a detailed tutorial at the beginning of the game will also help them understand how to control and fight in the game. The HUD monitor is completely installed and customized to play your way.

  • 4 / Awesome shooter graphics

Call of Duty Mobile is built on high quality and detailed 3D graphics. It brings real and impressive experience to players. However, this may affect the experience of some average configuration of Android devices.

The developer also allows you to change the graphic settings to match the device configuration. Overall, Call of Duty: Legends of War brings good graphics quality and deserves to experience.

How to play the best basic Call of Duty Mobile VN

  • Always use advance Mode

There are two types of modes in Call Of Duty Mobile. The first is the Simple mode and the second is the Advanced mode (Advance). Both modes work and have different play styles.

In simple mode, the system will attack the enemy whenever your enemy is in front of you. But this will take a few seconds to attack. Therefore, it will be good for beginners, but when playing well, it will become a disadvantage.

Instead of the Simple mode, the In mode will help you defeat enemies. Because in Advance mode, all processes are done by you. Do not affect anything from the system.

In Advanced mode, Everything is based on yourself and your decision-making skills. So this will help attack directly on the enemy.

So, Simple mode change to advanced mode is the best technique in Call Of Duty Mobile. 

  • Choose LoadOut first in all game modes

Before going into battle, you have to open the option to select Loadout in the game. So it lets you change the loader better

Reloading is important because whenever you enter the Battle you will receive the gun of your choice during reloading. So COD Mobile is having the option to change the load and reload for any of your battles. So you can take advantage of this great feature.

In this option, You can change your gun and choose any gun you have unlocked in the game. So always choose the best Gun that gives you high damage and high accuracy.

  • Set the best FPS according to your phone

It is very important to set the maximum FPS setting in every game. But different phones give different FPS for the same game. Therefore, the phone is weak, but choosing the FPS level is too high will cause gaming lag, lag …

But some players are unaware of this FPS and settings. They still play under low FPS. But their phones have HIGH FPS mode. So, if your phone is strong, you should turn it on to experience a smooth game.

So always set Max FPS to make the most of. Generally, at very high FPS, give 60 FPS in any mobile phone when playing any game.

  • Select the gun that you have supporting accessories for

A very useful accessory to make any gun have more power. It helps increase the overall power and gun features in any type of game.

Included accessories are Scope (viewfinder), Extra mag (extended magazine), Half Grip, Angled Foregrip, Light Grip (handle, gun sale, etc.) with guns during firing and reduce recoil during the game. It all depends on you which you want and need to equip your weapon.

So you need to do all this before starting the game.

  • Change your default sensitivity option

Sensitivity is one of the biggest things for every mobile game. This factor affects every game and this factor is Responsible for winning any match in any battle royale game.

Sensitivity depends on the type of Mobile phone, mobile processor, Mobile screen, mobile screen size, and mobile manufacturer. So different mobile phones give different sensitivity to the same game.

Also, each game provides default Sensitivity for every player. This is not an idol for everyone playing. So it is very important to change your default settings provided by the game.

Try changing settings once and play a match. After playing the match, make the decision on whether to install the Best for you or not. Use it best or You can change it and try it in a new game. So this process helps find the best sensitivity setting for you.

  • Always with your teammates

It is very important to stay with the group and interact with the group. If you go with all your teammates, there is a high chance that you will win the battle. So always being with one person is the best tip for socks.

Because there aren’t any time rules and location rules to attack you. Anyone can attack you anytime and from anywhere. So if you are with your teammates then there are some chances for you to destroy the enemy.

If not, if you are far from your teammates, two enemies will easily kill you and it is difficult for you to fight two enemies at the same time. So always run with your team or at least one teammate.

  • Use knives when the enemy is near enemies

Dao is a great weapon for all players while fighting closer to the enemy. Because it is difficult to take aim and shoot enemies in close range combat. But there is only a solution to it and that is Dao.

Call of Duty has a knife weapon, and you can use it before any battle. In addition, the knife has high damage, one shot to kill enemies. Therefore, it is very very strong in close combat.

  • Use objects to shield yourself

There are many useful things that you can use as your cover while fighting the enemy. Such as Walls, Cars, Rooms, Windows, etc. All help protect against enemy bullets and enemy vision.

So always use it as a shield and then fight. Also, these things help you to hide to restore health and reload.

Introducing the Battle Royale mode and how to play it

COD Mobile battle royale is a game mode that combines every aspect into a single game like exploring areas, finding weapons and items, fighting against all enemies to become the last one standing and winning the game.

Players can avoid fighting early but later on the ring becomes smaller and smaller causing chaos and intense fighting force everywhere.

map of the Battle Royale survival mode in COD

No rules apply to Battle Royals, but you can play it the way you want.

Choose Skills -> Skydiving -> Find Loot items -> Move in Safe Area -> Fight -> Win

Understand the safety zone (circle)

Touch the minimap to show the safe area, you will see two different rings, white and blue.

  • White circle = Safe area
  • Green circle = Dangerous place

A white circle will randomly appear on the map after a few minutes and it will get smaller (if you play Free fire or PUBG Mobile, you will understand it).

A blue ring will begin to shrink towards the white ring and players outside the blue board will slowly take damage until they get inside the blue ring. Players outside the white circle will see the dotted line on the small map leading to a safe area.

Every time the blue circle starts to shrink and you will receive more damage if you continue outside the blue circle.

How to revive teammates in this survival mode

When your teammates die, they will drop a card, you need to pick up that card to revive your teammates. Touch the respawn button and wait a few seconds and your teammates will revive on the plane and ready to return to battle.

1. Select the previous loadout

Here are some options that you can set before joining the match.

Camos Loadout

Camos is another word for skins, you can choose the camos you have for weapons, items, vehicles, knives, blouses, and umbrellas. It will appear in the game when you find them.

Soldier / Soldier You can also choose characters and it will appear as what you chose during the battle.

3. Select a character class to support your team

Class is your special ability to use in the game. Each class has 1 special equipment and passive skill. You can equip your class in pregame. There are 7 classes in the game that you can choose.


  1. Special equipment: Dart Sensor / First aid device
  2. Put an ambulance device to heal you and your allies constantly.
  3. Passive skill: Medic
  4. Reduces the time required to heal and kills allies 25%.


  1. Special equipment: Dart dart sensor
  2. Shoot a dart sensor that can see hostile positions in radar map.
  3. Passive skills: Tracking
  4. Displays enemy footprints in seconds.


  1. Special equipment: Toy Bomb /
  2. Summon zombies and only attack enemies near them.
  3. Passive skill: Against zombies
  4. Reduces zombie awareness distance to 15 meters.


  1. Special equipment: Grapple Hook
  2. Shoot a hook that pulls you to the designated target.
  3. Passive skill: Silent death
  4. Reduce sound on the move.


  1. Special equipment: Transform Shield
  2. Put a transformation shield and blink.
  3. Passive skill: CReinforced
  4. Reduces damage from all sources except guns by 20%.


  1. Special equipment: EMP Drone
  2. Call an EMP drone to assist
  3. Passive skills: Engineer
  4. Increase visibility, make enemy vehicles, traps, and equipment visible within 80 meters.


  1. Special equipment: Ejection Device
  2. Summon a catapult, propel your team into the air and flap your wings to fly
  3. Passive skill: Lightweight
  4. Help you and your team soar

The battle royale mode in COD Mobile is a bit tricky compared to any other game, but once you understand all the basic aspects, it becomes much easier to play.

The updated news

  • November 14, 2019 – Call of Duty: Mobile finally has Zombie mode and supports playing on consoles

Activision recently posted a community update on Reddit revealing that Zombie will eventually be updated to Call of Duty: Mobile.

Since the free-to-play mobile FPS launched in October, players have been waiting for the arrival of the classic COD mode and although no solid release date has been set yet, Activision says it will to “before you know it. ”

In addition to news about Zombies, the post details everything that will be coming to COD mobile next week and throughout November, including upcoming events, challenges, modes, new equipment or skins, and additions. game.

One more new point is that Controller Support will be released soon. Using the controller can also give players an advantage over those who are difficult to control on phones with touch screens.

Link download game Call of Duty Mobile APK for Android / IOS

Name of the gameCall of Duty: Mobile 🥇
Capacity :2.19 GB 📂
Operating system :Android, iOS, Windows 📲
New version :v1.6.9 🆕
Updated Date :11/07/2019 🆙
Developer :Tencent Games
Publisher :Garena 🆓
Genre :Shooting game, action ✅

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